Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dog and Cat in Field There's a lot of confusion today as to just what kind of food should be called "natural pet food".

Even veterinary nutritional specialists do not agree on any one single definition.  Land Bark Pet Supplies can help you decide what foods are best for your dog or cat and why natural pet food makes more sense.

Whether or not you practice a holistic methodology yourself and/or for your pets, you will find we are a valuable resource for information and products that will improve pets' quality of life.

Our goal is to serve dog and cat owners who truly care about what goes in, on, and around their pets. If you consider your dog or cat to be a part of your family, we would like to assist you in choosing the most natural pet foods, supplements, and products.

Why Natural Pet Food?

healthy dog

Should you serve your pet something that's less healthy than what you eat?